There are plenty of options for entertainment in Providenciales to make every event unique and memorable for your guests. Live bands are available in a wide range of styles including  Calypso, Caribbean Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Steel Drum, and Soft Rock.  Professional DJ’s are also widely available. Professional lighting, sound systems, and spectacular fireworks can all be arranged through NILA Destinations.

To add a more local flavor to your party, we suggest the following:

Ripsaw/ Rake & Scrape
Ripsaw music, also known as “Rake & Scrape” is the national music of the Turks & Caicos Islands. Accompanied by instruments such as the accordion, concertina, goat and cow skin drums, triangle, shakers (maracas), box guitar and conga drums, the common carpenter saw is used as the featured instrument, producing a rhythmic foundation for the rest of band.

The term “ripsaw” comes from the local name for the handsaw. The term also refers to the “ripping” sound produced by the action of passing a metal object called the “scraper” (usually an old knife) along the side of the saws teeth. The resulting sound is similar to that of paper being torn or ripped. There are several theories as to why the carpenter saw was used as an instrument, and like all indigenous folk music, our ripsaw is the product of the passion of a people looking for a way to produce sound and music with available materials.

Junkanoo is the quintessential celebration of the islands, a parade complete with colourful costumes, goatskin drums, jangling cowbells, raucous shak-shak (maracas) and other instruments. The cacaphony of horns, whistles, drums and cowbells can be heard long before the brightly coloured procession appears. Islanders spend months to create vivid, imaginative costumes made from cardboard, crepe paper, glue, contact cement and wire material. Making costumes is considered a ‘Labour of Love’ and the key is colour in every line and shade. Some of them are masterpieces and Junkanoo Expo now preserves some of the best pieces for exhibit.

Turks and Caicos Cultural Show
This lively, folkloric show reflects the culture, traditions and the rich heritage of the Turks & Caicos Islands. Spiced with folk songs, dance and story narrating, it is an unforgettable experience. The performers wear the national costume of the islands and their dances and songs are accompanied by local instruments. There are several variations of this show, ranging from a 15 minute informative speech, to a 55 minute show incorporating all of the above mentioned elements.